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Solar Bird Baths - Let the Birds Know you are Green!

Solar Bird Baths - If you want to provide local birds a place to clean-off or get a drink of water a solar bird bath is a nice way to go. And beyond enjoying the birds that come to visit, the solar powered low voltage pump provides a steady stream of flowing water that makes a relaxing sound.

Like many solar garden fountains, the bird bath ones generally are designed with shallow bowls because many birds don't like it when the bath water is more than 2 inches deep. Besides that, most bird bath fountains typically get mounted on a pedestal which is favored by most birds to be able to keep a safe height distance from predators. for a complete selection of solar birdbaths

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How Solar Bird Baths Work?

Solar powered fountains work just like any other fountain except that they are fueled by sun and not electricity. Most solar birdbaths come with a solar low voltage pump and include the bowl and pedestal or base.To operate the pump the panel must be in full sun.

To protect the solar panels from freezing temperatures, store indoors during the winters' freezing temperatures.

How much will I spend on a Solar Bird Bath?

Best Price - Just Under $100. This will buy you a very basic yet attractive fountain. However, if your budget allows you to spend more, selection and interest will be greater. Most of solar bird fountains cost between $100 to $400.

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